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Havens 3 stage reintegration program


Stage 1

The goal of stage one is to give homeless family's and individuals a safe place they can call home.

From the moment they walk in the door they are integrated into a support network that will help guide them along their journey.


Stage 2

After graduating From stage one, Our residents will transition into a more private dorm style place.

The focus of stage two will be on Personal development. As our residents continue counseling and any support groups they may be a part of, we support them as they also begin their career search. 


Stage 3

At the third stage of the program our residents transition into their own mini home! Here they can continue to work on personal development, Continue support groups and community events. 

And when they are ready to graduate they have officially completed the program and we help them find their first apartment!

Frequently asked questions

Do residents have to pay rent?

During stage two, After they have found a job and are able to keep it for 90 days we will have a rent for that resident/Family. We plan to start out at $50/Month.

How is Stage 1 different from a shelter?

The biggest difference between your typical homeless shelter and Stage 1 is that as soon as they walk in the door and go though registration they are a resident. They aren't just staying there for one night, this is there home. 


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How long will it take to complete the program?

The time line for each resident is going to depend on that individual/family's level of care and support needs. We want residents to go at there own pace, and we will have counselors to help guide them though each step of the program.


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